The interpretation of the University exam preparation course

Pass the course of interpretation of English?

We know that interpretation is the hardest of the race and that it is very difficult to get ready only at home. For this reason, we offer you a online course completely custom for prepare your test of interpretation of English to Spanish. We work both with interpretation consecutive, such as bilateral and even simultaneous if needed (depending on your test). In addition, if you are part of the AETI you have a 10% discount. 🙂

How does the course?

The course consists of three modules:


Compound exercises to warm up engines and acquire skills and techniques of interpretation, such as the interpretation of the speech, memory, active listening, and selective attention. Finally, you will have access to online note-taking seminar so that you learn to take them as a professional.


You will have 4 individual lessons of 2 hours each throughout the year. In them, Gabriel Cabrera (your guardian) will give you personalized advice and shall you live to eliminate defects, as well as give you the necessary techniques so you face the test without fear.


Practical exercises will focus on the topics required by your University. You tell us which topics enter your exam and will prepare them thoroughly.

How long is the course?

The course lasts 20 hours, because it depends on how much time spend to the exercises. You will have 8 hours of lessons by videoconference and at least 12/15 hours of self-study (practical exercises related to the themes of your exam).

When can I start?

You can start it when you want, we recommend that you do at least 3/4 weeks in advance to arrange classes via videoconferencing and exercises.

How much does the course cost?

The course is priced at €200 per student which is carried out in a single payment at the beginning of the same.

How do I matriculate?

Write us and tell us when is your next exam, which combination of languages you are preparing, what issues come and see what is the best date to get you started.